Rocking Horse Bridles

Bridles Leather bridles can be made in various colours - black, dark havanna ( dark brown ), light havanna (tan ), Australian nut ( maroon / brown ), London tan ( cream / yellow ), red, navy, green, and probably other colours as well. They can have stainless steel or brass fittings and various buckle styles are available for an individual look. Nose and brow bands can be raised, patterned, lined, fitted with clenchers, inset with contrasting coloured leather, braided with ribbons, fitted with ornaments.... Reins can be plain, plaited, or laced. Stitching can be in a matching or contrasting colour. There is some choice of bits.

Fancy bridles like the ones shown cost between £ 120 and £ 200 depending on the size and specification. Simpler hand stitched bridles with only 3 buckles ( one cheek, noseband and throatlash ) and a brass bit cost £ 90 to £ 100. Four or 5 buckle bridles are £ 100 to £ 125 depending on size. All bridlework is made to measure for each rocking horse.

Martingales, cruppers, stirrup leathers, boots, lead reins, and anything else can be made in matching leather.

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