Ayres Rocking horse - Cloud

Ayres rocking horse

Cloud is an Ayres 'D' type horse. These beautiful horses are wonderfully carved with more detail than any other of the old horses. Their heads are tilted and necks bent - they look as if something in the hedge has caught their eye and they are wondering what to do about it. The paint pattern on these horses is very traditional but there are far more highlights and shading than on other horses.

This horse was originally sold by Harrods and has their logo on the stand. It is a bit faded but clearly there.
Cloud has been completely restored - new ears, cracks filled, other minor woodwork repairs, new gesso, new paint, new hair and he has new tack. This set is made by Toy Tack and it fits nicely and will do just fine until I have time to make him a different set.

Scroll down for a view of the other side and more photos.

48" x 54", 28" body length


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