Florence ....Smith

Florence - Smith rocking horse

Florence is a J R Smith horse from around 1900. She is solid at the moment, has been in one family for over 15 years and well used by the children. They have not done any work on her and she has been kept inside. Before this the horse has been repaired and repainted, probably more than once.

So although the horse can be ridden and with some new hair and tack would look charming, it could be restored to look like it would have originally but it needs a lot of work for this.
The bow has warped and one back leg is out of position but has been somehow stabilized .
The front leg on that side has also moved but not so much; the muscle block is missing at the top of the leg.
One ear replaced not all that well.
The bows have extra pieces on the outside centres of both sides which hold it all together firmly.
One vertical piece missing from the end of the platform.
Large crack in the platform centre plank.
Crack in one arm of the bows but no movement, it is held by the extra outer pieces.
Some old woodworm in the bow. I have treated the bits I can see as a precaution but as it has been inside a house for 15 years it should all be dead anyway.
The saddle back has been chopped down.
The usual cracks , dints and old nails round the saddle area to come out.
Head turns to one side ...a very pretty horse.

40.5" x 72.5"


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