Gemla Rocking horse - Gem

Gemla rocking horse

This little Swedish horse was made by Gemla and it was probably produced early C20. It has been fully restored - I had some fun with the appaloosa pattern and it would most likely have been plain bay or dapple grey originally.
I've also filled in the mane slot and given it an English style mane which lies down rather than stands up.

The bridle, martingale and saddle are removable - again not how it would have been originally - the tack would all have been nailed on. These horses have their own saddle and bridle style and these are as accurate as I could make them from photos. The ears are leather as they would always have been.

This design is not robust like our English swing stand horses. The horse only has 2 feet fully supported, one with a toe down and the other is in the air. Gem had a recent strut added to the raised hoof when I found him but I've taken it off. So he's not for galloping around with children on but for keeping you company in a quiet corner.

34" high x 51" long


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