Antique rocking horses with new manes & tails

Antique rocking horses with new manes and tails

Easter, Rainbow and Henry escaped from the workshop and are trying out new manes and tails.

New hair really makes the rocking horse come alive after its long restoration process. The choice of colour, thickness and length can have a startling effect on the appearance and expression of a horse.

I don't like the modern fashion for over long hair - manes and forelocks coming down to the ground but I will fit such hair if pushed.
The reason I don't like it is that it is utterly un-horsey. No real horses, even Arabs, have such silly hair. An over long mane and forelock hides the shape of the horse and gets in the way when riding. Antique horses were nearly always equipped with manes no longer than the point of their shoulder and forelocks trimmed to between the eyes and nostrils - there are many old photos showing exactly what these rocking horses looked like when new.
Buy a My Little Pony or a Gonk if you want to play with long hair. Or try out floor length hair extensions yourself.

Antique rocking horses were fitted with horse or cow hair on a hide base. Cow hair is wavier than horse hair but it's not so easy to get these days because of the regulations covering the disposal of bovine materials.
Horse hair on hide is available and it is the material of choice for most rocking horses. It looks beautiful and hangs elegantly. Synthetic hair and seamed horse hair is too straight and will never look natural.

Horse hair comes in a wonderful array of colours from white,cream, grey, chestnut, brown, black and odd colours ( piebald, skewbald and 'pepper and salt' ). It is usually bought as a full tail, ready for use. The length, thickness and texture of hair varies with each tail.
The pictures of the tails show that many have a variety of hair colour; it can be different in the centre of the tail and at the top and bottom. This variation is sought after and mixed grey tails generally cost more than plain black or chestnut ones.
The length and width of the hide also varies so you have to work out how best to use your tail before cutting it up.

If you need hair, I usually have some tails or precut sets available
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