Isis with new paint and hair

Isis with new paint and hair

Isis has been repainted to look very much as he would have when new. The dapple pattern is very traditional as are the eyelashes! They do look rather fanciful but that is what he had originally. I have actually left out the red line that usually goes inside the black eye shape as I think it looks frightening but it could always be added if wanted.

He has his original huge eyes. I have shined them up a bit but they don't look new at all. The paintwork has been aged a little - some brown - yellow colouring added to mimic the old yellow varnish but you can't really see it in these pictures.
I'm leaving most of the aging to be done by future riders, they will soon make some scuffs and marks but this will not matter at all. The horse is about 120 years old and needs to look used.

The stand and hoof rails have been stripped of 2 layers of black paint and one layer of brown paint. The hoof rails have now been treated with a dark wax polish. The stand is undergoing some woodworm treatment. It has had a little insect attack on the underside in the past. It will soon be waxed and polished to match the hoof rails.
I'm leaving the bolt in the top of the pillars. The stand is completely firm and what ever was done to the pillars in a previous restoration has been a strong repair so I'm not changing it.

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