Isis with new saddlery, ready to ride again

Isis ready to ride again

Isis now has new tack. It is a bit unconventional as we didn't want to use the traditional domed pins to attach the tack because they fall out too easily but we did want to have the tack all fixed in place to stop it getting lost.

The saddle, martingale and crupper are fixed on with brass screws and special saddle nails. The saddle cloth is leather for easy cleaning. The bridle is stitched in place and can't be taken off and the stirrup leathers and irons similarly do not come off the horse.

The uneven worn sides of the top rail have been protected with a thick layer of neoprene and covered with leather so in future the stirrup irons should not damage the rail further.

His metal work is mostly original but one swing iron has been replaced in the past with a slightly larger diameter iron. The horse is, as usual for old rocking horses, not completely symmetrical. The legs are different lengths, the rails are bent and one of the original clamp brackets has always been off set at the wrong angle to the top rail. However it has all gone back OK and there seems no good reason to change it too much - the horse has been giving rides for well over 100 years and will continue to do so for the forseeable future with reasonable care.

I will fit 'bowler hat' covers over the ends of the swing irons. Ayres horses do not normally have these but they might just add a bit of extra safety for small children crawling around the horse in his very special home.

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