Antique Leach and Ayres rocking horses

This site is about old and antique rocking horses - for sale, restoration, identification and useful information . It specialises in the classical rocking horse made by Ayres, Lines and Leach but you will also find other lovely rocking horses from about 1850 to 1940 .

There are a just a few newer horses - I can't resist a beautiful or striking rocking horse if it captures the equine form and character well.

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Alfred, Ayres for sale Harold Wakefield horse for sale

Collinson horses bridge old and new as they were made between 1836 and about 1990. The old ones are really lovely but rare; nearly all the ones seen today are the simply shaped and painted rocking horses made after 1950.

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Trevor Wiffen horses for sale

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 Jane and Sunny Gemla rocking horse

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