Antique rocking horse - leg repairs

broken and mended rocking horse legs

Over the long lifetime of some rocking horses, accidents happen and legs can break. Fortunately they are much more easily mended than real horse legs.

The top picture shows an old mend of a broken leg. This mend was not very satisfactory as the leg wobbled and the top and lower parts were not in line. The right hand picture shows that the repair had been made using a piece of tin nailed round the break. I suppose it was better than nothing.

Now a proper repair has been done. The damaged area has been cut out and a block fitted in using bridle joints. This joint, in which a long tenon in the new block fits into a matching mortice in the original leg is very strong.

With the new wood glued in place, it can be carved to match the original leg.

The centre pictures show the block in place and the finished leg. This leg also has a new tenon at the top as the original had broken.

The bottom photo shows Dasher's new hock, made in the same way.

It is better to preserve as much of the original leg as possible by replacing just the damaged areas rather than make a whole new leg.

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