Antique rocking horses - more repairs to legs

More leg work

Antique rocking horses very often have wobbly legs. The strain put on the leg to body joint is great and it is shows how well many of these old horses were made that they have survived use and abuse for so long.

With bow rockers the problem is worse as the angles between the legs, body and bow are wide compared to swing stand horses where the load bearing joints are more in line.

This horse had all four legs loose and two had also pushed out of their original mortices and broken the body blocks. In such cases the leg joint and body needs to be rebuilt.

The rotted wood has to be cut out, the inside surfaces made perfectly flat and a new block or blocks have to be made to fit the space exactly. This is important if the new joint is to be strong as its strength depends on a large matching surface area for gluing. Glues said to be good gap fillers will not give as good a repair as careful joinery so that there are no gaps to fill.

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