Antique rocking horses - restoration

Rocking horses restoration

These pictures show some of the more unusual jobs that can crop up when restoring a rocking horse.

The top photo shows the refitting of the hide on an old German swing stand horse. The hide was in quite good condition but had to be removed to mend the loose head - neck joint.
The original stitching holes were fragile so it could not be sewn on in the normal way.
To get the hide to fit snugly on the head, all the stitching had to be put in loosely with the hide off the head. It was then put back on and the threads ( linen ) gently tightened, taking great care not to break through the hide at the stitch holes.

The next photo shows the contents of Oliver's body cavity, all retrieved through a pommel hole. Children post all sorts of small items into the horse over the years.
A couple of horses have also had mouse nests inside them.
The contents are usually very dusty and dirty and if left in place can give an annoying rattle as they move about when the horse is rocked.
It took several hours to empty this horse.

Lastly, Crockett, when new had metal shoes on his back feet but they had been lost long ago. Mal Young, my farrier for the real horses, made Crockett a special set of shoes.