Restoration of Pommers, a G&J Lines rocking horse

Pommers on arrival and 

A lovely G&J Lines rocking horse with extra carving.

On arrival his nose was missing and one foot was badly damaged by an attack of woodworm. He had also been overpainted as a piebald.

Careful removal of the black paint on the stand revealed the 1880 patent stencil which has now been protected from little feet by a transparent plate.

Some of the following pictures show the restoration work.

Anthony Dew ( The Rocking Horse Shop ) has books on making rocking horses and most have a chapter on rocking horse restoration. Ask what is available.

There is one book all about restoration ( by Green and Dew ). It's a very useful book for anyone thinking of restoring a rocking horse but as it is out of print you will have to find a second hand copy.

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