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New David Kiss rocking horse book A most useful book on British rocking horses ( published 2008 ) by David Kiss. Profusely illustrated in colour and black and white, the hardback book has 518 pages plus the cover and is an essential book for all rocking horse collectors and restorers.
David has spent many years researching and collecting detailed information on British rocking horse makers and the book lists about 150 makers up to 1950. A mass of previously unpublished information about our favourites - Ayres, Lines, Collinson, Baby Carriages - will make classifying and dating horses produced by these companies much easier. There are also details and examples of horses from many less well known and small makers and the book should enable us to positively identify many of the lovely British horses whose makers have up to now been a mystery.
Pages from old trade catologues, details of logos, fixings, saddlery, stands is a treasure.
Size 18cm x 24.5cm
Copy in new condition.



Tony Dew rocking horse book A nice little book on rocking horses ( published 2006 ). Written by Anthony Dew for the British Toymakers Guild, this is an excellent introductory book about English rocking horses. It gives an overview of their history and their current role as a most wonderful toy.
The major makers of the past are noted with tips for collectors and the best known of the current makers are featured.
Very well illustrated in colour, the paperback book has 32 pages plus the cover and is a must for every rocking horse library.
Size 15cm x 21cm
Copy in new condition.

Paperback 4.99


Patricia Mullins  rocking horses book The amazing book by Patricia Mullins on rocking horses; history and examples from England, Europe, America and Australia. This book set includes the paperback book by Marguarite Fawdry 'An international survey of rocking horse manufacture' and the protective slip case.
Published 1992.
The Mullins hardback book has 376 pages and hundreds of illustrations, the Fawdry book has 48 pages and is also very well illustrated.
Size 30cm x 28cm

85 for a copy in very good condition. The books are untouched but the slip cases have a few small scuffs on the edges and corners.

60 (RESERVED)for a copy in excellent condition but the previous owners name in it.


Rocking horse book by Ruth Bottomley This handy little book by Ruth Bottomley has 32 pages which give a brief account of the history of rocking horses and include a little on modern makers. It is well illustrated with black and white photos and includes some good examples of old horses. It is an essential book for rocking horse enthusiasts.

The horse illustrated on the front cover is a lovely F H Ayres horse which appears to have had some careful restoration to the mostly original paint work and replacement of the saddle seat, saddle cloth and stirrup irons.

Published 1991,
Size 15cm x 21cm
Paperback copy in as new condition.



Rocking horse book by Marguerite Fawdry

A useful book by Marguerite Fawdry for collectors and enthusiasts. It lists many historical makers in the UK and some from America and gives some information on dates, locations and products. Quite a few black and white pictures and several line drawings.
Published ( revised edition ) 1989.
96 pages.
Size 25.5cm x 19cm
Hardback copy ex library in good condition


I also have a paperback copy of Fawdry's earlier publication ( 1986 ) titled 'English Rocking Horses'. It has exactly the same info on all the English makers but it omits the chapters on American rocking horses and so has only 64 pages.
This copy is in fair condition with tight binding. Sold


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