Rocking horses - useful information

Antique rocking horses

What size rocking horse do you need for riding?
Here are my recommendations ( horses measured from floor to top of head, on their stands)
Huge horses : Over 53 inches - should suit children from about 8 years old to most adults.
Large horses : 47 - 53 inches - should suit children from about 6 years old and small adults
Medium horses : 40 - 46 inches - should suit children from about 5 to 10 years old
Small horses : 30 to 39 inches - should suit children from 3 to 6 years old
Tiny horses : less than 30 inches - really best suited for dolls and teddies.

A selection of rocking horse books are available here

Keeping children happy at the Cranmore fete SWING STAND OR BOWS?
Bows are the earlier design and they are perhaps the most elegant shape. They give a great ride with a long swing. The disadvantages are that they take up more space, move across the floor somewhat when ridden fast and if you get your foot under the bow it really hurts, just like a real horse standing on your foot. Most people learn to avoid having their toes trodden on.
Swing stands date from about 1880 and look a bit more complicated. They do not move around when ridden, don't stamp on feet, and take up a little less space that bow rockers. They have a choppier action which is partly dependent on the setting of the swing irons. Children still have to learn how to use them properly - the moving parts could pinch.
Rocking horses are not suitable for children under 3 years old to play with unless they are very closely supervised by an adult. Children from 3 and older also need teaching how to play with their horse safely.

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