Sebastian - German hide covered toy horse

Sebastian, German hide covered horse toy

Sebastian is a rare German horse toy on wheels made around 1900 - 1920. He has wooden legs, a papier-mache body and is covered with hide.

He has been restored. The opened seams have been carefully re-stitched and the following parts are new:
Mane and forelock
All the leather saddlery including the strap on the rug
Saddle cloth
One hook for the curb chain
One small patch on one leg

The rest of the horse is entirely original ie his hide, eyes, tail, wheels, bit, stirrup irons and the rug.
The old hide and rug show quite a lot of wear in places.
All the tack is removable.
The horse is fragile and should not be played with except by very careful children and adults. The basic structure is strong and the wheels all turn freely.

Size 20.5 inches (52 cm) tall, 22 inches(56 cm) long.


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